Past events

  1. CareTech plc acquisition of Cambian

    Farouq Sheikh, Executive Chairman, Caretech plc

    Our speaker will be Farouq Sheikh, Executive Chairman, Caretech plc, who will discuss their recent acquisition of Cambian, share some of the lessons learnt and look at the outlook for the specialist care sector. View more

  2. Investment Rationale for Healthcare

    Andrew Ovey, Head of Healthcare, AXA Investment Managers

    Our speaker will be Andrew Ovey. Andrew is responsible for originating, executing and managing healthcare real estate investments for AXA IM – Real Assets, the largest real estate portfolio and asset manager in Europe with over €77 billion under management. View more

  3. Innovation in Care

    Pam Garside, Founder, Newhealth

    As new models of care and management continue to develop within our health and social care system, the ability to encourage and drive innovation is more important than ever. The greatest potential for innovations in healthcare are ‘combinatorial’ – those that combine multiple approaches. View more